What to do after a Slip and fall Accident 

There are a few important things that you need to do after slip and fall accidents. Without implementing all these things, most people won't be able to never prove their accident regardless of the seriousness of injuries. Slip and fall cases are much different than any other case so you need to keep in mind that just falling in anyone's property will never prove their cases, regardless of the seriousness of injuries. Here are a few steps that you need to take after slip and fall accidents.

First of all, seek medical help that should be on your priority list. If you've been hurt, you need to consult a doctor so that your injuries can be properly documented. Those medical reports will be important pieces of evidence that help you to seek compensation for your damages. It is very important to report the accident to the manager, owner, or landlord of the property and keep in mind that after reporting the incident you should ask the owner of the property to make a written report and take a copy of the written report before leaving the space.

Document everything like names, addresses, phone numbers, and all other contact information of the potential witnesses. Their statements would be very helpful to determine your claim if you choose to pursue a legal claim. Also, don't leave the place without taking photographs of the EXACT location where you fell and make sure to photograph any stairs, icy pieces, or other circumstances that added to your accident.

Note down what you were doing right before the accident, the way you experience the incident plus any other details, including the exact time and date. Also: Store your shoes and other clothing you were carrying during the accident in a safe storage place. They can be relevant portions of evidence later. Hire a Personal Lawyer who can help you by fighting for your rights.